Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Recent Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit News:

Johnson & Johnson's Bankruptcy Scheme Only Delays Trials Temporarily Not For Years As The Company May Have Preferred | 11/22/2021

The judge declared a 60-day moratorium on Johnson & Johnson talcum powder ovarian cancer trials which will likely resume in Ernest in early 2022....READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson May Not Get Away With Their Bankruptcy Plan Now That It Has Been Moved From Texas To New Jersey | 11/15/2021

A new judge will have to be educated about the pros and cons of Johnson & Johnson's controversial bankruptcy protection scheme...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Chose The Scientists That Studied Asbestos In Talc And Manipulated The Final Results To The FDA | 11/9/2021

Emails once again show that Johnson & Johnson would have done anything to make sure the EPA never found asbestos in talc or required a warning label...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Talc Bankruptcy To Avoid Legal Liability Is Uncertain And May Not Occur | 11/3/2021

Congress, the bankruptcy judge, the plaintiffs' bar, and women with ovarian cancer are challenging the company's right to declare bankruptcy...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Bankruptcy Should Be Heard In New Jersey, Not North Carolina Where It Was Filed | 10/30/2021

Some members of the plaintiffs' bar think that Johnson & Johnson filing for bankruptcy in North Carolina was a ploy to delay talcum powder jury verdicts against them...READ MORE

The FDA's Finding No Asbestos In Cosmetics Is Great News For Consumers | 10/26/2021

The FDA's random testing of cosmetics for asbestos has prompted the self-regulating cosmetics industry to remove products that contain asbestos...READ MORE

The Plaintiffs Bar Is Furious About Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Bankruptcy | 10/21/2021

Johnson & Johnson claims that federal law requires that all trials cease once a company files for bankruptcy...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Spins Off Their Talcum Powder Business Into Bankruptcy To Protect The Parent Company | 10/18/2021

Plaintiffs with ovarian cancer fear they may not live long enough to collect any settlement the company offers...READ MORE

The IARC Had Known For Over A Decade That Asbestos Can Cause Ovarian Cancer | 10/13/2021

Johnson & Johnson ignored the IARC who found a scientific connection between being exposed to asbestos and developing ovarian cancer....READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's CEO Resignation Leaves Questions About Talc Safety | 10/7/2021

Johnson & Johnson's CEO's behavior speaks volumes about the company hiding what they knew about talc containing asbestos...READ MORE

Not Every Ovarian Cancer Case Can Be Blamed On Using Talcum Powder | 10/4/2021

A woman's genetic makeup is also a likely cause of ovarian cancer ...READ MORE

Two Recent Verdicts In Favor of Johnson & Johnson Are Tainted By Questionable Circumstances | 9/28/2021

A jury found that a woman's Ashkenazi Jewish heritage was a more likely cause of ovarian cancer than her 30-year daily baby powder regimen ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Particularly Reprehensible Response To Finding Asbestos In Talc | 9/24/2021

The company failed to update its product warning label when the carcinogen was found in their baby powder ...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder Packaging Implied The Product's Safety | 9/21/2021

Johnson & Johnson marketed Johnson's Baby Powder to mothers and women of color despite knowing it contained asbestos. ...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder Imagery Should Have Been A Skull And Crossbones, Not a Smiling, Happy Baby | 9/16/2021

Mothers and other women were deceived by the babyface imagery on Johnson's Baby Powder packaging ...READ MORE

Inhaling Talcum Powder Dust Ranks With Second Hand Cigarette Smoke As A Potential Cause of Lung Cancer | 9/13/2021

Not everyone who dies of lung cancer got it from smoking cigarettes ...READ MORE

Another Johnson's Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Trial Will Build On Those Of The Past | 9/8/2021

Jurors are human beings and are likely to become incensed at Johnson & Johnson deliberately targeting mothers and children ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Knew All Along Their Baby Powder Caused Cancer | 9/3/2021

Attorneys told a jury that the company was trying to protect their brand when they ignored public safety and covered up finding asbestos in their talc ...READ MORE

Another Multi-Million Dollar Jury Award May Put Johnson & Johnson's Back Up Against The Wall | 8/30/2021

Plaintiff talc-testing expert has the credibility of having survived Daubert scrutiny ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's CEO Resigns Amidst The Continuing Baby Powder Cancer Public Relations Nightmare | 8/25/2021

An avalanche of negative publicity surround the CEO's handling of the Johnson's Baby Powder cancer scandal may have left no choice other than to resign ...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder May Give You And Your Children Lung Cancer Later In Life | 8/23/2021

You do not have to be an asbestos miner to have developed mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer that goes unnoticed among other forms of lung disease ...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Mesothelioma May Be Easier To Prove Than Ovarian Cancer | 8/18/2021

The science is rock solid that talc contains asbestos and that asbestos causes mesothelioma when inhaled ...READ MORE

Early Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Cancer Verdicts May Be In Doubt | 8/13/2021

More than a dozen multi-million dollar jury awards are in question because plaintiff expert witnesses were not first scrutinized with Daubert hearings...READ MORE

Baby Powder Trials Could Focus On The Evidence That Peritoneal Talc Causes Ovarian Cancer | 8/10/2021

It may not matter that talc is contaminated with asbestos as there is little evidence that asbestos causes ovarian cancer ...READ MORE

A Lawsuit Has Accused Johnson & Johnson of Targeting African American Women With Carcinogenic Baby Powder | 8/9/2021

A lawsuit filed by The National Council of Negro Women could cause thousands of women with allegedly talc-related ovarian cancer to come forward...READ MORE

Baby Powder Cancer Plaintiffs Seek To Block Johnson & Johnson's Planned Talc Bankruptcy | 8/4/2021

If the company is successful in segregating its talc business from the rest of the company it could take years for ovarian cancer victims to get paid...READ MORE

Including Talc On California's List of Carcinogenic Ingredients Could Affect All Cosmetics Companies | 8/2/2021

Asbestos in cosmetics used by women every day could be an even bigger problem than baby powder cancer...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Director of Human Health Refuses To Be Cross Examined And Is Held In Contempt of Court | 8/1/2021

A jury in the Johnson's Baby Powder ovarian cancer trial then failed to hold Johnson & Johnson liable for a woman's death...READ MORE

Civil Rights Talcum Powder Lawsuits Could Cause An Avalanche of Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits | 7/30/2021

Johnson & Johnson chose to target black women with their baby powder advertising after discovering their product caused cancer...READ MORE

A Lawsuit Has Accused Johnson & Johnson of Targeting African American Women With Carcinogenic Baby Powder | 7/28/2021

A lawsuit filed by The National Council of Negro Women could cause thousands of women with allegedly talc-related ovarian cancer to come forward...READ MORE

Terminally Ill Plaintiffs May Benefit From Smaller But Quicker Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Payouts | 7/21/2021

Johnson & Johnson is looking to limit their legal liabilities and shelter their more profitable lines of business...READ MORE

A Lack of FDA Oversight May Have Contributed To Talc Asbestos Ovarian Cancer Deaths | 7/16/2021

The Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association may have overlooked studies pointing to high levels of talc asbestos contamination...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Lives In A Bubble Of Denial Over Talcum Powder Asbestos Cancer | 7/15/2021

A Missouri Court of Appeals judge laid bare Johnson & Johnson's attempt to confuse and distort talcum powder asbestos ovarian cancer facts ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Knew That Baby Powder Caused Cancer and Marketed It To Mothers Anyway | 7/14/2021

The company has set aside 4 billion dollars for 2021 legal expenses for talcum powder cancer lawsuits...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Mesothelioma Lawsuits May Be Just Beginning | 4/24/2021

Hundreds of cosmetics companies have used talc in their beauty and health care products for decades and could be the subject of thousands of mesothelioma lawsuits...READ MORE

Mesothelioma Victim Awarded $4.8 Million In Talc Lawsuit | 4/23/2021

A US Army veteran suffering from mesothelioma allegedly from using Old Spice Talcum Powder for 22 years...READ MORE

A Former US Attorney General Advocates For Women With Ovarian Cancer | 4/21/2021

The US Supreme Court will decide whether or not to overturn a $2 billion jury award...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky's Compensation Package Challenged | 4/16/2021

Top shareholders claim the CEO's mishandling of the Johnsons Baby Powder Cancer crisis should affect his compensation...READ MORE

The Personal Care Products Council Still Thinks Talcum Powder is Safe, Pure, and Asbestos-Free | 4/15/2021

The cosmetic product trade group continues to tell consumers that products made from talc are safe for human use...READ MORE

Arrowroot, Bentonite Clay, Slippery Elm Bark, And Rice Concentrate Replace Johnson's Baby Powder Talc and Asbestos in Today's Market | 4/13/2021

Talc-free designer baby powders seek to win a share of the billion-dollar market vacated by Johnson & Johnson's exit...READ MORE

The FDA Told Reuters It Lacked The Resources To Test Cosmetics | 4/12/2021

Why did the Food and Drug Administration fail to recognize talc could contain asbestos?...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Has Fought Labeling Johnson's Baby Powder With A Cancer Warning | 4/7/2021

The evidence points to talc containing asbestos and warning labels could help inform the consumer...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson To Go On Trial For Failing To Label Baby Powder as Carcinogenic | 4/5/2021

Mississippi Attorney General thinks that the FDA has dropped the ball by never holding Johnson & Johnson accountable for causing ovarian cancer...READ MORE

Study Confirms Perineal Talc May Cause Uterine Fibroids | 4/2/2021

Researchers agree that talc does not have to contain asbestos to cause ovarian cancer and that the mineral is a health hazard...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Knew They Were Poisoning Women | 3/29/2021

It may not be enough to hold Johnson & Johnson responsible for ovarian cancer and mesothelioma deaths of millions of Americans as the FDA looked the other way...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Mislead Consumers About The Dangers of Talc | 3/26/2021

Johnson's Baby Powder has escaped the rigors of federal government regulation for more than a century...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Brushed Aside Reports of Talc Asbestos Contamination For Decades | 3/25/2021

Beauty and health care product manufacturers may have relied on the representations of raw materials manufacturers when making product safety claims...READ MORE

India Awakening To The Dangers of Johnson's Baby Powder | 3/24/2021

The Indian government is insisting on implementing standardized testing methods that will discover dangerous minerals and chemicals...READ MORE

Congressional Testimony May Doom Johnson & Johnson's Talcum Powder Defense Effort | 3/23/2021

Doctors that have testified under oath before Congress have concluded that the talc may contain asbestos, a known carcinogen...READ MORE

Teen's and Children's Cosmetics May Still Contain Talc And Asbestos | 3/22/2021

The parents of teenage girls should read the ingredient labels of the cosmetic products they are about to purchase to ensure that they do not contain talc...READ MORE

Consumer Safety Organization Think The Public Is At Risk From Talc-Based Beauty Products | 3/19/2021

The United States Public Interest Group (PIRG) and the Environmental Working Group are doing their best to alert the public about the dangers of using talc-based baby care, beauty care, and cosmetic products...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Could Look To Settle All 25,000 Ovarian Cancer and Mesothelioma Cases in 2021 | 3/16/2021

Legal experts focus on two developments in the ongoing Johnson's Baby Powder cancer litigation...READ MORE

There Is No Safe Amount of Asbestos | 3/15/2021

Even cosmetic-grade talc could contain asbestos for which there is no microscopically safe level of exposure...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Brand Has Been Tarnished By The Baby Powder Asbestos Scandal | 3/12/2021

People are refusing the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine because they distrust the company and it may carry over to other products...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Talc Bullet Point Talking Points Are Ridiculous | 3/10/2021

The company claims that "science, research, and clinical evidence" proves that Johnson's Baby Powder talc is safe for human use."...READ MORE

The Supreme Court of Missouri May Have Reasons To Overturn The $2 billion Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Award | 3/6/2021

Each of the 22 plaintiffs had different and unique histories...READ MORE

Baby Care Recommendations Post Johnson's Baby Powder Era | 3/5/2021

Should parents continue using talcum powder on babies?...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Rhetoric No Match For The Facts | 3/2/2021

The company knows that they must settle the bulk of the baby powder cancer lawsuits filed against them...READ MORE

Johnson and Johnson Double Their Talc Liability Reserve Fueling Settlement Rumors | 2/26/2021

Baby Powder cancer victims could expect settlement offers before their cases go to trial...READ MORE

One Scientist's Disturbing Talc Asbestos Findings | 2/20/2021

A scientists that uses the heavy liquid separation method (HLS) to test talc for asbestos has found the carcinogen in nearly every bottle of Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

Expert Scientific Witness Testimony Could Dominate 2021 Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Trials | 2/17/2021

Experts will certainly testify that talcum powder containing asbestos...READ MORE

Researchers For The National Center for Health Research Describe The Link Between Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder | 2/16/2021

Researchers are using case-controlled studies relying on a person's memory and have found that using talc is risky...READ MORE

An FDA-sponsored Talc Asbestos Meeting Produced Few Results | 2/10/2021

A recent FDA-sponsored talc asbestos symposium was indicative of their bias towards big business and away from cosmetic product safety...READ MORE

International Scientific Opinion Thinks Talc is Carcinogenic And Should Be Banned | 2/8/2021

Johnson's Baby Powder is still for sale in predominantly black countries around the world...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Knew They Had a Talcum Powder Asbestos Problem Years Ago | 2/5/2021

Johnson & Johnson handed out talcum powder samples in Black churches and Black beauty salons...READ MORE

An Infant's Exposure To Clouds of Johnson's Baby Powder Could Cause Cancer And Mesothelioma As An Adult | 2/3/2021

Mothers have been lied to when told Johnson's Baby Powder was safe to use on their babies...READ MORE

It Is Up To Juries To Make The Headlines That Inform The Public of The Dangers of Using Johnson's Baby Powder | 2/2/2021

Women and mothers are shocked to learn that there is no federal regulation of the talc products they use on their babies and themselves...READ MORE

Ovarian Cancer And Talcum Powder Facts | 1/28/2021

It can take ten years or more for the most obvious symptoms of ovarian cancer to become noticeable...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Continues To Tell Consumers Talc Is Safe, Pure, and Asbestos Free | 1/25/2021

FDA Testing Found Johnson's Baby Powder talc to contain asbestos which can cause cancer...READ MORE

Ovarian Cancer May Be Too Rare To Conduct An Adequate Study | 1/22/2021

Talcum powder contains dangerous elongated fibers and also asbestos that can lacerate delicate tissue and cause infection and cancer...READ MORE

The Cosmetics Industry May Have To Use A Stricter Talc Asbestos Testing Method | 1/19/2021

The FDA should take the lead and regulate cosmetic products like talcum powder and women's makeup...READ MORE

Large Study's Conclusion Is Questionable When Searching For an Ovarian Cancer Baby Powder Link | 1/18/2021

Scientists think that talc can become permanently lodged in a woman's ovaries and create irritation and infection, leading to ovarian cancer...READ MORE

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Advises Women What to Look For To Identify The Disease | 1/12/2021

Women that have used Johnson's Baby Powder or other baby or beauty product on their genitals should watch for the earliest ovarian cancer signals...READ MORE

Here Are Some More Everyday Products That Contain Talc And May Be As Dangerous As Baby Powder | 1/10/2021

Hundreds of everyday consumer products contain talc and should be avoided...READ MORE

Women and Mothers Should Go 100% Talc-Free in 2021 | 1/6/2021

It is a good idea to start the new year right and throw away health, deodorant, baby, and beauty care products that contain talc and replace them with products made from cornstarch or arrowroot...READ MORE

American Women Wake Up From A Johnson's Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Nightmare | 1/5/2021

Thousands of women with ovarian cancer are now coming forward to file lawsuits now that the Johnson's Baby Powder denial stage may be over...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder Users With Cancer May Wish to File a Claim in 2021 | 1/4/2021

Thousands of Americans, maybe more, are now aware that the talc used in Johnson's Baby Powder may contain asbestos, a known carcinogen...READ MORE

Talc Asbestos Exposure Has Been Widespread | 12/29/2020

Consumers that have used talc-based cosmetics may have ingested cancer-causing asbestos for decades....READ MORE

A California Appeals Court Upholds $22 Million Talc Asbestos Cancer Verdict Against Imerys | 12/26/2020

A California appeals court judge confirms that talc mined by Imerys was contaminated by asbestos....READ MORE

Goodbye to 2020 and Hello to New Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Cancer Trials and Revelations | 12/24/2020

2021 should bring new Johnson's Baby Powder cancer trials once Covid-19 is behind us...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Claim Of Talc Purity Are Pure Lies | 12/22/2020

According to the cosmetics industry and Johnson & Johnson's standards, talc can contain up to 2% asbestos and still be considered pure...READ MORE

Keep Baby Powder Away From Babies | 12/21/2020

Thousands of talc-based consumer products may contain asbestos...READ MORE

It Is Time To Test Every Cosmetic Product For Asbestos | 12/18/2020

Enough independent testing has found asbestos in talc that Congress should force the FDA to take a more active role in regulating the cosmetics industry...READ MORE

Revisiting The 2019 Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Daubert Hearings | 12/15/2020

As trials in 2021 approach, plaintiff expert witnesses could prove Johnson's Baby Powder is, and has always been, contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos...READ MORE

Millions of Women and Children in India Are At Risk From Johnson's Baby Powder Exposure | 12/14/2020

Foreign governments are gradually acknowledging that Johnson's Baby Powder may contain asbestos and cause cancer...READ MORE

More Allegations That Johnson & Johnson Targeted African Women With Talc They Knew Contained Asbestos | 12/8/2020

Targeting women of color in Africa and elsewhere calls into question their commitment to supporting the Black Community...READ MORE

Amazon and Ebay.com Sell Children's Cosmetics That Have Tested Positive For Asbestos | 12/6/2020

There is no law preventing a company from selling cosmetics to children that contain asbestos-contaminated talc ...READ MORE

Scientists Want Stricter Talc Asbestos Testing | 12/2/2020

New tests show many cosmetic, health, and baby care products contain asbestos and pose an inhalation risk...READ MORE

Reuters Report Blames The FDA For Failing To Test Baby Powder For Cancer-Causing Asbestos | 11/24/2020

For nearly 50 years, the Food and Drug Administration has deferred talc asbestos testing to the manufacturers of cosmetics and health care products...READ MORE

High Court Upholds Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Jury Verdict | 11/21/2020

The decision is the latest in a string of setbacks for the company in its denial that Johnson's Baby Powder has caused cancer...READ MORE

Internal Memos Are The Key To Johnson's Baby Powder Asbestos Negligence | 11/17/2020

In the end, Johnson & Johnson's own words may be their undoing in talcum powder asbestos trials ...READ MORE

The IARCs Pronouncement That Talc Is Probably Carcinogenic Alerted Millions To Its Dangers | 11/14/2020

The IARC aggregated studies to conclude that talc could be hazardous to human health...READ MORE

Baby Powder Trial Ends As The Plaintiff Has Died | 11/11/2020

The trial of a terminally ill plaintiff was moved up because of his terminal illness...READ MORE

California's First Virtual Johnson's Baby Powder Trial is Underway | 11/9/2020

Johnson & Johnson may be hoping that a virtual trial could lessen the jury's anger against the company for failing to warn customers about the dangers of baby powder asbestos exposuretal ...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder Asbestos Cancer Defense May Be Collapsing | 11/5/2020

The Missouri Supreme Court will have nothing to do with the efforts to reverse a $2.69 billion ovarian cancer jury award ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Shunned Sensitive Asbestos Testing Methods For Decades | 11/3/2020

Johnson & Johnson was able to hide the facts about talc asbestos contamination from the public by adopting an insensitive asbestos testing protocol ...READ MORE

Media Reporting Jury Awards Have Alerted The Public To Baby Powder Health Hazards | 10/31/2020

Women have been alerted to the alleged hazards of using Johnson's Baby Powder and other products that contain talc...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson May Settle Future Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits | 10/28/2020

The reason Johnson & Johnson discontinued selling Baby Powder could be to limit future talc cancer lawsuits and facilitate settlements....READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson May Have Shirked Responsibility To Monitor Talc Safety | 10/27/2020

Johnson & Johnson may have known that the talc they used to make Johnson Baby Powder contained asbestos...READ MORE

Plaintiff Expert Witnesses Are Using Newer Methods For Testing Talc For Asbestos | 10/26/2020

Companies in the cosmetics industry may not be able to fight the results of new, more sensitive asbestos testing methods....READ MORE

Lawsuits Are Increasing Following Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Settlement | 10/23/2020

Johnson & Johnson recently settled 1000 ovarian cancer complaints...READ MORE

JNJ Talc Supplier Sells Entire North American Operation To Magris Resources Canada Inc | 10/21/2020

A lack of demand and an avalanche of talcum powder asbestos lawsuits have forced a major talc mine out of business...READ MORE

Legislation Could Force Companies To Warn Consumers If Their Products Contains Talc | 10/19/2020

Cancer warning labels on health and beauty care products could alert consumers to the dangers of talc....READ MORE

Avoiding Beauty Care Product Containing Talc Is The Focus of Health Experts | 10/16/2020

Mothers and people, in general, should avoid products that use talc and switch instead to those containing natural, organic cornstarch...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's CEO May Be Ignoring The Facts Regarding Talcum Powder Cancer | 10/12/2020

Johnson & Johnson's response to calls by health activists for a global withdrawal of Johnson's Baby Powder called patronizing, dismissive, and unresponsive...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Offers Over $100 Million To Settle 1000 Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits | 10/7/2020

20,000 cases are pending against the company that claim Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products gave plaintiffs ovarian cancer and mesothelioma...READ MORE

Bill To Ban Asbestos Seeks To Protect Baby Powder Cancer Plaintiffs | 10/5/2020

Democrats in Congress want to protect the ability of individuals to file lawsuits for alleged Baby Powder Cancer injuries...READ MORE

Your Daily Deodorant Might Contain Talc Contaminated With Asbestos | 10/2/2020

A daily blast of talc-based aerosol deodorant is all that is necessary to deliver enough of a dose of asbestos to cause mesothelioma over time...READ MORE

European Concerns About Talc Containing Asbestos Drive Talc-Free Cosmetics Trend | 9/29/2020

Johnson's Baby Powder is still for sale in Europe and India but consumers are aware of the dangers of talcum powder cancer...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Study Points To Talc Present In Ovaries | 9/28/2020

Scientific studies will play a role in the outcomes of Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer trials in 2021....READ MORE

A Global Ban On Johnson's Baby Powder Could Be In The Works | 9/24/2020

Around 200 non-profit groups are calling for a global ban on Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Asbestos Testing Methods are Considered Substandard By Testing Industry Experts | 9/16/2020

Johnson & Johnson has tested only a microscopically small percentage of the talc they have sold...READ MORE

Talc is Probably Carcinogenic As The IARC Claims | 9/15/2020

You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to conclude talcum powder has caused ovarian cancer, but it helps...READ MORE

Some Insist Johnson's Baby Powder is Pure And That Opinions To the Contrary are Fake Science | 9/14/2020

Health advocates ask where is the science that supports talc can cause ovarian cancer...READ MORE

Cosmetics Like Women's Everyday Makeup May Be Contaminated With Asbestos | 9/10/2020

Women should consider switching their baby care and makeup products to those labeled "talc-free"...READ MORE

Banning Talc Could Eliminate Many Instances of Ovarian Cancer | 9/3/2020

Women with ovarian cancer have reason to believe that they may have caught Johnson & Johnson redhanded in causing and covering up their ovarian cancer...READ MORE

Black Women For Wellness Wants To Ban Johnson's Baby Powder Globally | 9/1/2020

Black and Brown women's rights advocacy groups are concerned that Johnson & Johnson is once again targeting women of color with its allegedly carcinogenic talc...READ MORE

Asbestos May Be Only One of Many Dangerous Substances Found in Talc | 8/27/2020

Talc contains a dangerous cocktail mixture of minerals in addition to asbestos that could cause cancer and other diseases...READ MORE

Cosmetic Industry Executives Failed To Take Product Safety Seriously Until Lawsuits Forced Them | 8/21/2020

The Cosmetics industry has failed to test talc products for asbestos and other contaminants adequately...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Hid Asbestos Knowledge From Regulators and Consumers Since the 1970's | 8/19/2020

Federal investigations into Johnson & Johnson's lying about asbestos contaminating their talc supply have concluded the company lied ...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder May Not Fare Better In India Than in the Americas | 8/18/2020

Redirecting baby powder marketing to a less well informed demographic may not pay off for Johnson & Johnson this time ...READ MORE

Alternatives to Johnson's Baby Powder May Cause Allergic Reactions | 8/17/2020

The void in the billion-dollar annual baby powder left by Johnson & Johnson's withdrawal could be filled with dangerous products also...READ MORE

Mothers Should Be Alarmed That Baby Powder Could Cause Cancer | 8/15/2020

It is an outrage that Johnson & Johnson has marketed their alleged cancer-causing talcum powder to new mothers and infants without warning of the cancer risk from ingesting asbestos...READ MORE

Throw Out Johnson's Baby Powder and Buy Cornstarch Instead | 8/11/2020

Cosmetics and toiletries made from cornstarch is a simple solution to a potentially complex and deadly problem...READ MORE

Women Advised To Switch To Talc-Free Cosmetics | 8/10/2020

Women are using social media and text messaging to alert friends that the cosmetics they use may be contaminated with asbestos and could cause cancer...READ MORE

Judge Clears The Way For Thousands More Baby Powder Cancer Trials To Proceed To Court | 8/8/2020

A Judge has reversed a prior decision to throw out two cases because of questionable asbestos testing methods...READ MORE

The National Law Review Describes The Complex Minerals In Talc | 8/6/2020

Understanding talc mining can make it easier for juries to understand expert scientific witness testimony...READ MORE

Adverse Finding By Federal Investigators Could Put a Nail in Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Defense | 8/5/2020

The findings of a federal grand jury could become public any day detailing what Johnson & Johnson knew about asbestos contaminating their talc supply and when they knew it...READ MORE

BASF To Pay Talc Cancer Victims $72.5 Million | 8/3/2020

The world's largest chemical company has settled with thousands of lawsuits inherited when the company purchased Englehard...READ MORE

30 Plaintiffs Selected for Johnson's Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Bellwether Trial | 7/30/2020

Many repetitive court procedures streamlined in Federal multi-district litigation....READ MORE

Talc-related Products Like Baby Powder Could Cause More Deaths Than Statistics Indicate | 7/27/2020

Using Johnson's Baby Powder may be to blame for many types of respiratory death...READ MORE

Barbers, Beauticians, and Regular Customers Have Filed Suit Against Clubman Talc and Their Talc Supplier | 7/24/2020

Occupational users of talc, suspected by medical experts of being contaminated with asbestos, are concerned they may have developed mesothelioma...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Continues To Market Baby Powder to Women in India, Africa, and Brazil | 7/21/2020

The vast sub-continent of India is now questioning the safety of Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Bellwether Trials Are Proceeding as Planned | 7/20/2020

Plaintiff Attorneys are preparing supporting documents for Johnson's Baby Powder, ovarian cancer trials...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Questions Lack of Scientific Evidence In Billion Dollar Jury Award Appeal | 7/15/2020

Johnson & Johnson's talc ovarian cancer defense may rest on the unreliability of studies pointing to a link...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Continues to Sell Talcum Powder In International Markets With Majority Black & Brown Women | 7/9/2020

Johnson & Johnson may have redirected their marketing of Johnson's Baby Powder toward a less well-informed demographic once again...READ MORE

Human Rights Group Claims That Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Advertising May Have Had Nefarious Motives | 7/7/2020

An Appeals Court upholding the billion-dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson may have racial overtones...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Scolded By Court of Appeals Judge | 7/6/2020

A Missouri Court of Appeals Judge called covering up what they knew about talc-contaminated asbestos, "an evil motive or reckless indifference" ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Discontinuation of Selling Baby Powder is Sparking Concern From Women and Mothers | 7/2/2020

The word that Johnson's Baby Powder may contain asbestos, a known carcinogen is slowly permeating through mainstream and online social media...READ MORE

Talc-Free Product Labeling Could Become More Prevalent in The Months Ahead | 6/29/2020

Women who use cosmetics may want to switch from products that contain talc to those that use cornstarch...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Forced To Pay 2.1 Billion - Part II | 6/26/2020

A Missouri court of appeals decision adds to the mountain of evidence piling up against the company...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Forced To Pay 22 Plaintiffs $100 Million Each | 6/24/2020

A Missouri court of appeals upholds the decision but reduces the jury award by half to an aggregate of $2.1 billion...READ MORE

Cosmetic Labels Could Include a Talc-Free Designation | 6/23/2020

Johnson & Johnson pointed out that consumer demand for talc-based cosmetics has waned and that a new formulation is necessary to restore confidence...READ MORE

Know The Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer And Get Treated Immediately | 6/22/2020

Hundreds of thousands of women could have talc-induced ovarian cancer without knowing until it becomes untreatable...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Is Forfeiting a Fortune By Discontinuing North American Sales of Baby Powder | 6/18/2020

As the saying goes, a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money...READ MORE

For Discontinuing Selling Baby Powder Is Disingenuous At Best | 6/15/2020

Discontinuing Johnson & Johnson's Reason sales of the iconically-branded baby powder is more likely due to the bankruptcy and court-ordered liquidation of its sole talc supplier ...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Continues To Sell Baby Powder Abroad | 6/12/2020

Demand for the iconic cosmetic powder remains high in India but Indian health officials are becoming increasingly suspicious...READ MORE

Major Cosmetics Companies Are Replacing Talc-Based Cosmetics and Toiletries With Ingredients Thought to be Less Harmful Than Talc | 6/10/2020

Johnson & Johnson's decision to stop selling Johnson's Baby Powder in the US and Canada is sending shock waves throughout the cosmetics industry...READ MORE

Florida Women Sues Chanel For Causing Her Mesothelioma | 6/4/2020

Men and women continue to come forward and file claims against the manufacturers of talc-based cosmetic and toiletry products. ...READ MORE

Asbestos Found in 80 Percent of Talc-Based Cosmetic Eye-Shadow Samples Tested | 6/3/2020

With more and more everyday cosmetics testing positive for the presence of asbestos, a total ban on talc could be forthcoming...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder's Demise is Part of the Company's Overall Coronavirus pandemic restructuring | 5/26/2020

Skeptics claim, however, that the move is also in response to their sole US talc supplier going bankrupt and seeking a buyer...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Has Suffered Through an Embarrassing String of Events Leading to Pulling Baby Powder From The North American Markets | 5/22/2020

The first half of 2020 has been very difficult for Johnson & Johnson in its defense of thousands of future lawsuits that claim that Johnson's Baby Powder caused their ovarian cancer or mesothelioma lung cancer...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Will Stop Selling Johnson's Baby Powder in the United States and Canada | 5/20/2020

The company may replace its talc-based baby products with cornstarch which is cleaner, safer and works better...READ MORE

Imerys Agrees To Sell North American Talc Mining Operations and Compensate Talc Cancer Victims | 5/18/2020

Imerys is the sole supplier of carcinogenic talc and talc contaminated with asbestos to Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Johnson's Baby Powder and others...READ MORE

Imerys SA Files Deal To Settle Talc Asbestos Cancer Claims | 5/15/2020

The supplier of talc for Johnson's Baby Powder had sought bankruptcy protection from thousands of talc asbestos cancer lawsuits...READ MORE

Lifelong Talcum Powder Users With Cancer May Have a Claim Against Johnson & Johnson | 5/14/2020

After around a dozen relatively high-profile jury trials, around 16,000 lawsuits have been consolidated and more are expected to join in the months to come...READ MORE

Cosmetics Companies Are Switching From Talc To Cornstarch Because of the Talc Asbestos Cancer Scare | 5/11/2020

Major cosmetics companies are quietly switching to safer cornstarch without re-branding their toiletry products or attracting much attention...READ MORE

Federal Judge Wants Fair, Open Debate In Ovarian Cancer Talc Trials | 5/8/2020

A Daubert hearing judge decided that several plaintiff-friendly expert witnesses can tell their story that Johnson's Baby Powder contains asbestos, a known carcinogen...READ MORE

A Federal Judge Devastates Johnson & Johnson's Claims That Plaintiffs Rely on Junk Science | 5/7/2020

A Judge presiding over 12,000 cases consolidated in multi-district litigation has ruled that experts can testify that asbestos-contaminated talc can enter the ovaries through the vagina...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Faces State Investigation For Alleged Fraudulent Talcum Powder Marketing Practices | 5/6/2020

Investigators are looking into claims that the company deliberately targeted obese and African American women when they became aware that their talc supply could be asbestos-contaminated...READ MORE

A Talc Ban Could Be The Only Way To Ensure Baby Powder Safety | 5/5/2020

It is very hard to find asbestos in talc even though we know it is there, is carcinogenic, and impossible to remove...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's $4.7 Billion Appeal Faces New Hurdles | 5/4/2020

There have been significant developments that could affect the outcome of the appeal of one of the largest jury awards in history...READ MORE

The International Agency For Cancer Research Found a Link Between Asbestos and Ovarian Cancer | 4/30/2020

A Federal Judge has ruled that while experts can testify talc contains asbestos, they may not claim that talc itself is carcinogenic...READ MORE

Thousands of Lawsuits Consolidated into Multi-District Litigation Against Johnson & Johnson and Others May Proceed | 4/29/2020

A Federal Judge in New Jersey has determined that the science finding asbestos in talc is sound and that cases against Johnson & Johnson may move forward to court....READ MORE

Limited Courtroom Attendees Will Hear Talcum Powder Cancer Appeal on April 24 | 4/20/2020

More cases against Johnson & Johnson and others may make it to court in May as restrictions over COVID-19 are eased state by state...READ MORE

Attorneys Get Creative When Trying To Explain What Fibers Can Be Considered Asbestos To a Jury | 4/17/2020

Defining the term "asbestos" is as important as the tests used to find the narurally-occurring yet carcinogenic fibers in talc...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Legal Problems Extend Well Beyond Baby Powder | 4/16/2020

In addition to talc causing cancer, Johnson & Johnson is being sued for failing to warn customers that one of their leading drugs may cause internal bleeding and the other causes young men to grow breasts ...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer Trials Status | 4/10/2020

Of the last three talcum powder cancer trials there has been one win for the defense, one win for the plaintiff, and one is on hold...READ MORE

Asbestos Awareness Week Includes Talc This Year | 4/9/2020

Finding asbestos in consumer products is no longer limited to old buildings and building materials, but now includes thousands of everyday cosmetic products and toiletries like Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

Time Magazine Highlights Talc Asbestos Connection | 4/8/2020

When all other sources of asbestos contamination are eliminated, what remains has to be it no matter how improbable....READ MORE

The Public Is Demanding Stricter Talcum Powder Testing Standards | 4/6/2020

The Cosmetics Industry is fighting to protect its $500 billion annual market and wants to maintain the status quo...READ MORE

FDA Talc Testing Standards May Be Compromised By Outside Influences | 4/3/2020

A prominent retired pathologist says claims of talc's asbestos contamination are jaded by untrue assumptions...READ MORE

The Food And Drug Administration Must Begin Regulating Cosmetic Products | 4/2/2020

There are important issues that may set a prescient over how cosmetic products are soon regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration...READ MORE

New Study Finds Asbestos Fibers in Lung Tissue of Mesothelioma Victims | 4/1/2020

There is no more conclusive evidence than finding traces of asbestos in the lungs of people who's only possible exposure could have been cosmetic talcum powder ...READ MORE

Experts Point To Likely Talc Asbestos Contamination | 3/26/2020

There is no doubt as to talc asbestos cross-contamination at the source where both are mined....READ MORE

The Cosmetic Industry's Half-Century of Self-Regulation Could Be Ending Soon | 3/25/2020

It is hard to believe that the cosmetics industry was unaware that their talc supply was not contaminated with asbestos...READ MORE

Executives Testify Clubman Never Tested For Talc Asbestos | 3/23/2020

Also, a plaintiff expert witness claims to have found asbestos in Clubman talcum powder...READ MORE

Asbestos Is Present In Most Brands of Cosmetic Talc - FDA Findings | 3/16/2020

The FDA has conducted tests that show talc is generally contaminated with asbestos, a known and deadly carcinogen...READ MORE

One in Five Talc Products Recently Tested Positive For Asbestos Including Johnson's Baby Powder | 3/10/2020

The US Government advises that consumers avoid cosmetic and toiletry products that have tested positive for asbestos and other fibers that are harmful to one's health...READ MORE

Barbers Are Suing Clubman Brands For Allegedly Causing Mesothelioma | 3/9/2020

Occupational users of talc products have developed lung cancer allegedly from using talcum powder on customers after thousands of haircuts...READ MORE

FDA Panel Thinks That Talc May Contain Many Dangerous Fibers | 3/5/2020

Experts impaneled by the FDA determined mineral particles and fibers found in cosmetics are small enough to be inhaled and are potentially harmful, even though they are not technically categorized as asbestos...READ MORE

Revlon Inc., Joins The List Of Cosmetic Companies Being Sued For Allegedly Causing Cancer | 3/2/2020

The cosmetics industry disregard for the health of their customers could be coming to a crashing end...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Talc Asbestos Denial is Weak | 2/28/2020

Lawyers are spinning the results of recent asbestos tests as a positive for the company when they are the straw that broke the camel's $750 million back...READ MORE

The Chemical Composition of Cosmetic Products is Facing Increased Scrutiny | 2/27/2020

Millions of women should be aware that the cosmetics they use every day could contain asbestos and other toxic chemicals like mercury and formaldehyde...READ MORE

Mesothelioma Victims Awarded $750 Million From Johnson & Johnson | 2/25/2020

Asbestos in talc appears to be the focus of successful lawsuits alleging Johnson's Baby Powder caused mesothelioma...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Talc Asbestos Denial is Weak | 2/24/2020

Lawyers are spinning the results of recent asbestos tests as a positive for the company when they are the straw that broke the camel's $750 million back...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Seems Unconcerned If Talc Contains Asbestos or Not | 2/20/2020

CEO Gorsky testified that he did not have the time to read his talc asbestos cancer memos and instead focused on running the multi-faceted international conglomerate...READ MORE

New Talc/Asbestos Testing Methods May Be Adopted That Err On The Side Of Caution | 2/17/2020

The harm that the FDA's failure to oversee the cosmetics industry has caused to the general public is incalculable and may be responsible for causing millions of American's cancer...READ MORE

Asbestos Found In More Children's Cosmetics | 2/14/2020

There is mounting evidence that cosmetics, particularly children's cosmetics could pose the same cancer risks from asbestos as Johnson's Baby Powder talc...READ MORE

The US FDA Considering Cosmetics Industry Oversight | 2/13/2020

If a bill before Congress is passed and approved the FDA could be responsible for testing cosmetics for asbestos and other harmful substances and demand recalls if necessary...READ MORE

New Testing Methods For Asbestos Could Bolster Plaintiffs With Baby Powder Cancer | 2/11/2020

The credibility and independence of the FDA panel could make the cosmetics industry change the way it looks at testing for asbestos...READ MORE

Meeting Underway To Determine The Best Talc AsbetosTesting Method | 2/6/2020

Is the FDA finally stepping up to the plate or will it continue to ignore the cancer risks presented by talc...READ MORE

California To Sue Cosmetic Manufacturers and Retailers | 1/31/2020

A California law has been cited that requires companies to be transparent when selling products that contain cancer causing chemicals...READ MORE

New Jersey Cancer Trial Calls Johnson And Johnson CEO To Testify | 1/28/2020

Johnson and Johnson's CEO said under oath that he never read the Reuters memo regarding finding asbestos in talc back in 1971 and that he relied on experts to do such things...READ MORE

Consumers Deserve Better Cosmetics Regulation | 1/27/2020

The "Cosmetics Ingredients Review" looks the other way at products that contains cancer-causing chemicals...READ MORE

Even Small Amounts of Asbestos in Talc Could Cause Cancer | 1/24/2020

Scientists agree that there is no safe level of inhaling asbestos and that talc is certain to be contaminated...READ MORE

A Law Requiring Talcum Powder Products and Cosmetics To Be Asbestos-Free Would Be a Great Idea | 1/23/2020

The FDA is getting more involved in asbestos testing of cosmetic products after half a century of ignoring the problem...READ MORE

FDA Is Getting Involved in Talc Asbestos Testing | 1/22/2020

The cosmetics industry is under fire for failing to properly regulate themselves and instead adopting testing methods that are so lax as to ensure that their products make their way to store shelves...READ MORE

Documentary Film Slams The Cosmetics Industry For Poorly Regulating Themselves | 1/21/2020

The US Food and Drug Administration has looked the other way for decades as cosmetics products with carcinogenic substances have been sold to consumer...READ MORE

Studies Favor a Link Between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer | 1/20/2020

For every study that refutes that there is a link between talc and ovarian cancer, ten more show claim otherwise...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Settles Baby Powder Mesothelioma Case for $2 million | 1/17/2020

New talc testing requirements could find asbestos in Johnson's Baby Powder and talc used throughout the cosmetics industry...READ MORE

Plaintiffs Await Decision of a Daubert Hearing On Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Science | 1/16/2020

The results of a US government study could influence a judge that is deliberating the fate of thousands of ovarian cancer lawsuits...READ MORE

New Study Show No Link Between Johnson's Baby Powder And Ovarian Cancer | 1/15/2020

A study of over 250,000 women over ten years shows no link with increasing the risk of ovarian cancer in women...READ MORE

FDA Panel To Recommend More Strict Talc/Asbestos Testing | 1/13/2020

It looks as if the hammer may be about to fall on Johnson & Johnson's ability to claim that Johnson's Baby Powder is asbestos-free, pure and safe to use...READ MORE

New Mexico Sues Johnson and Johnson For Targeting Minorities With Contaminated Baby Powder | 1/9/2020

African American and Hispanic women were targeted in magazine, print, and television advertising when the company realized the public may become aware that asbestos is carcinogenic...READ MORE

Judge Rules Johnson and Johnson Investor Class Action May Proceed to Trial | 1/6/2020

A group of Johnson & Johnson shareholders is suing the company for failing to disclose what executives knew about Johnson's Baby Powder asbestos...READ MORE

Online Petition To Require Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Warning Label | 1/3/2020

Activists feel there is sufficient information including the most recent FDA tests to force Johnson & Johnson to finally warn the consumer that baby powder can contain cancer-causing asbestos...READ MORE

More Studies Suggest Talc Can Cause Ovarian Cancer | 1/1/2020

Testing cancerous ovarian tissues for the presence of particles of talc and/or asbestos can help prove the cause of ovarian cancer...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Attorneys Suggests That Ovarian Cancer Can Result From Endometriosis | 12/27/2019

Medical experts agree that ovarian cancer is not likely caused by endometriosis and that clear cell ovarian cancer and endometrioid ovarian cancer occurs in less than 1% of women with endometriosis...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Wins Another Jury Decision | 12/23/2019

Unlike women before her that were stricken with ovarian cancer, a St. Louis woman failed to prove, according to jurors, that she was exposed to Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

Fibers May Be Present in Most Talc-Based Cosmetics Including Johnson's Baby Powder | 12/20/2019

Expert witness Dr. William Longo uses a method of testing for talc that is finding asbestos in over half of the samples it has taken...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Wins Latest California Talcum Powder Cancer Case | 12/19/2019

A Chinese woman, having grown up in Hong Kong. was unable to prove that Johnson's Baby Powder asbestos was the cause of her asbestos exposure...READ MORE

The FDA May Have Covered Up For Johnson & Johnson For Decades | 12/9/2019

The FDA's lack of oversight of the cosmetics industry may have allowed millions to develop cancer unnecessarily...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson May Have Exerted Influence Over The FDA's Talc Asbestos Concerns Decades Ago | 12/6/2019

The company is also under criminal investigation for lying about what they knew about asbestos contaminating Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

The Reuters Special Investigation of Asbestos in Baby Powder Raises Concerns | 12/4/2019

The US Food and Drug Administration could be given regulatory authority over the cosmetics industry...READ MORE

A Mountain of Evidence is Piling Up That Strongly Suggests Johnson's Baby Powder is Killing Us | 12/2/2019

It would be a miracle if Johnson & Johnson can outrun the perfect storm of evidence building against them and sure to be used in thousands of baby powder cancer trials to come...READ MORE

Mesothelioma Lawsuits Now Site FDA Asbestos Findings | 11/25/2019

Mesothelioma was thought to be cleaned up decades ago but has been found hiding in Johnson's Baby Powder, an everyday consumer product...READ MORE

Mothers Are Switching To Cornstarch For Their Baby Care Needs | 11/18/2019

The FDA has found asbestos in Johnson's Baby Powder and there is no reason to continue to use the product until more is known...READ MORE

Talc Mines Adjacent to Asbestos Mines Are Likely Cross-Contaminated | 11/7/2019

It has been proven that people living near asbestos mines developed mesothelioma at a rate equal to asbestos miners...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Find No Asbestos In Their Talcum Powder Tests | 11/4/2019

Different samples may yield different results given the minuscule size of samples taken from a single bottle...READ MORE

Johnson's Baby Powder Recall Prompts Major US Retailers To Remove It From Shelves | 10/30/2019

Consumers looking to purchase Johnson's Baby Powder this week may be shocked to learn that the product has been recalled due to asbestos contamination and pulled from the shelves of Walmart, Target, CVS, and Rite Aid...READ MORE

Four Major Retailers Pull Johnson's Baby Powder From Shelves | 10/29/2019

Retailers across the country have stopped selling Johnson's Baby Powder fearing asbestos contamination in the closest possible action to a recall of the product...READ MORE

Defense attorneys for Johnson & Johnson can no longer claim that Johnson's Baby Powder is 100% pure and asbestos-free. | 10/28/2019

Reuters claims that Johnson & Johnson has covered up knowing talc was contaminated with asbestos for over fifty years....READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's Claims That Their Baby Powder is Pure and Asbestos-Free Are Untrue | 10/25/2019

Johnson & Johnson may have difficulty appealing jury verdicts against them since the US FDA has found asbestos, a known carcinogen in Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

The FDA Finds a Small Amount of Asbestos in a Bottle of Johnson's Baby Powder | 10/23/2019

The FDA's announcement of the voluntary recall reads like an infomercial for Johnson's Baby Powder...READ MORE

Finding Particles of Talc in Cancerous Tissue Could Strongly Influence Juries | 10/21/2019

Asbestos has been mostly cleaned up in the United States leaving talc as one of the few sources where one could be exposed...READ MORE

Jury Sides with Plaintiff in Latest Talcum Powder Lawsuit | 10/3/2019

J&J Handed a $40 Million Verdict in Los Angeles...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson Legal Troubles Extend Beyond Talcum Powder Cancer | 10/2/2019

California AG Asks For $800 Million Penalty in Mesh Trial...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Settlements | 9/30/2019

Women Awarded Millions in Damages for Ovarian Cancer Claims...READ MORE

The Ambiguous Symptoms of Talcum Powder Cancer | 9/25/2019

Learn to Recognize Common Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer...READ MORE

California Talcum Powder Lawsuit Debates Findings | 9/24/2019

Retrial Shines a Light on J&J Asbestos Testing...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer, Xarelto and Hip Implants | 9/23/2019

J&J Faces 50,000 Lawsuits...READ MORE

New Research Supports Talcum Powder Lawsuit Claims | 9/20/2019

Wayne State University Shows Talc Effect on Molecular Level...READ MORE

Calgary Woman Files Talcum Powder Lawsuit | 9/17/2019

Cancer Left Her Unable to Have Children...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer Leads to EU Ban | 9/13/2019

Cosmetic Use of Talc Outlawed in Europe...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Settlements | 9/3/2019

Product Liability Claims: The Cost of Doing Business...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer Is One Among Many J&J Worries | 8/30/2019

August Opioid Ruling Anticipated in Oklahoma...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer Research Across the Decades | 8/26/2019

Studies Focus on Ovarian Cancer and Lung Disease...READ MORE

Ovarian Cancer Victims File Talcum Powder Lawsuit Claims | 8/19/2019

Women Suffering from Ovarian Cancer Blame Asbestos in Talc...READ MORE

Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawyer Groups Await Judge Decision | 8/16/2019

New Jersey Court Holds Daubert Hearing on J&J Allegations ...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Lawsuits Dampen Investor Outlook | 8/14/2019

Although Sales Are Up, Shares Down for J&J Because of Talcum Powder Lawsuits...READ MORE

Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Attorney News | 8/7/2019

Asbestos Claim Rejected in Kentucky; Ovarian Cancer Claims Move Forward in New Jersey...READ MORE

Baby Powder Cancer Attorney Claims Yield Federal Investigation | 8/1/2019

Department of Justice: Did J&J Lie to Consumers for Four Decades?...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawyers Seek to Drop Case | 7/29/2019

J&J Argues Against California Talc Cancer Warning...READ MORE

New Jersey Judge Considers Arguments Put Forth by Talcum Powder Cancer Attorney Groups | 7/26/2019

Expert Witnesses Testify on Talc Cancer Connection...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits | 7/3/2019

How Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits Have Changed Womens Views on Baby Powder ...READ MORE

Research Verifies Claims by Baby Powder Cancer Attorneys | 6/30/2019

New Study Explains Talcum Powder Effects on Cellular Level ...READ MORE

The Threat of a Talcum Powder Lawyer | 6/26/2019

Will J&J Reputation Recover from Opioid and Talc Cancer Litigation?...READ MORE

Baby Powder Cancer Lawyers | 6/21/2019

Baby powder cancer lawyers continue to deliver for their clients, with another verdict for a plaintiff, this time for lung cancer linked to asbestos...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Attorneys for Women with Ovarian Cancer | 5/17/2019

J&J Request Delays Justice...READ MORE

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits Prompt J&J Decline | 5/10/2019

Talc Cancer Litigation Results in Financial Woes...READ MORE

Baby Powder Lawyer News: Record Verdict Won in St. Louis | 5/3/2019

The First Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit to Allege Asbestos in Talcum Powder...READ MORE

Social Media Raises Awareness of Baby Powder Attorney Efforts | 4/22/2019

Celebrities Call for Regulation of Cosmetics, Talcum Powder...READ MORE

Baby Powder Attorneys Represent Women of Color in Cancer Cases | 4/15/2019

J&J Targeted Marketed at Overweight Women of Color in the South...READ MORE

Leading Talcum Powder Cancer Attorneys Offer Free Case Review | 4/8/2019

Attorneys with the most talcum powder ovarian cancer trial wins are helping women and families nationwide; Onder Law attorneys offer free, no-obligation talcum powder cancer attorney consultation ...READ MORE

Baby Powder Cancer Lawyer Reaches Settlements | 4/5/2019

Day of Settlements by Baby Powder Cancer Lawyer Indicates Shift in J&J Strategy...READ MORE

No-Cost, No-Obligation Baby Powder Lawsuit Case Review for Persons or Families of Persons Who Developed Ovarian Cancer After a History of Perineal Baby Powder Use

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