Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Amazon and Ebay.com Sell Children's Cosmetics That Have Tested Positive For Asbestos

There is no law preventing a company from selling cosmetics to children that contain asbestos-contaminated talc

Sunday, December 6, 2020 - The deeper one looks into the findings of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) commissioned studies into testing talc-based cosmetics for asbestos, the more alarming the findings become. It is not a stretch of the imagination to assume that an alarming number of consumer health, beauty, and personal care products that are made from or contain talc also contain asbestos, a known carcinogen. The EWG also found asbestos in children's toy makeup kits and eyeshadow pallets raising concerns that we could be putting the future health of an entire generation of our children at risk. Talcum powder cancer attorneys representing American nationwide offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a claim.

The EWG employs Scientific Analytical Institute to conduct their talc/asbestos testing. The Institute found asbestos in over 10% of the talc-based consumer products it sampled. The consumer health watchdog group reports that asbestos has been found "in women's cosmetic products and one children's makeup kit including two eye shadow palettes and one toy makeup kit marketed to children. The lab found asbestos - up to nearly 3.9 million asbestos fiber structures per gram of eyeshadow - in the Jmkcoz 120 Colors Eyeshadow Palette makeup kit sold on Amazon. Of the 45 shades tested from the kit, 40 percent contained asbestos. Asbestos was found in a second eyeshadow kit, Beauty Glazed Gorgeous Me Eye Shadow Tray Palette, sold on the company's website and Amazon and eBay, at levels up to 3.5 million asbestos fiber structures per gram of eyeshadow. Of the 25 shades tested from the kit, 20 percent contained the deadly fiber, "according to the EWG.

Not only is the group concerned about the health hazards presented to those who use asbestos talc products, but also there is concern about the lack of government oversight on the part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Most consumers would be surprised if they were told that the makeup, health and beauty products, and also the ones they apply to their children and infants, have never been tested by the FDA or any other official government agency for the presence of carcinogenic material such as asbestos. Only when women with ovarian cancer began filing lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and hiring expert scientific witnesses did testing start to find asbestos. At the forefront of talc asbestos testing is Georgia microscope researcher Dr. William Longo whose modern testing method used a greater sample of talc and as a result, frequently finds asbestos or other hazardous elongated fibers in talc. Dr. Longo has been approved by a Federal Judge to present his talc asbestos tests to juries in court cases against Johnson & Johnson and other companies like Clubman, Revlon, and Colgate Palmolive.

People are dying from ovarian cancer and mesothelioma allegedly caused by using Johnson's Baby Powder and other popular cosmetic products, and the FDA has been forced to sit up and take notice. The agency that is responsible for food and drug testing may no longer bury their heads in the sand regarding testing cosmetics for asbestos. In 2019, FDA tests for asbestos in talc yielded positive results forcing Johnson & Johnson to discontinue selling Johnson's Baby Powder made from talc throughout North America. It should now test all cosmetics sold in the US.

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