Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Johnson's Baby Powder Could Be Banned Globally This Month

A London-based investment banking firm is using its clout to force a Johnson & Johnson shareholder meeting to ban Johnson's Baby Powder made from talc

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - An international consortium of rainmakers is fighting to establish a global ban on talcum powder because using it is linked to talcum powder cancer. A London-based investment banking firm is using its clout to hold a Johnson & Johnson shareholder meeting and force the company to withdraw its talcum powder products from the markets globally. According to The Guardian, "Tulipshare is an investment platform in London. Tulipshare enables users to pool their shares together, thereby meeting the threshold needed to get shareholder votes on resolutions. Ahead of J&J's annual meeting in April, the proposal was submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) for verifying eligibility, the news outlet reported." There is no guarantee that the shareholder voting maneuver will succeed. Johnson & Johnson attorneys oppose it on the grounds that it would impact lawsuits that have already been filed against them. "Lawyers of the company have written to the SEC urging it to not qualify the shareholder resolution as eligible and exclude it from voting. It said that the resolution would impact pending lawsuits including "thousands of personal injury claims alleging that talc causes cancer", in the US and other countries," DNA India reported. The SEC's decision on whether or not to allow the shareholder vote will likely be delayed until the federal appeals court decides on whether or not to allow Johnson & Johnson's controversial bankruptcy plan to proceed. As it stands, all current and future lawsuits against the company have been suspended indefinitely. The New Jersey bankruptcy judge originally allowed Johnson & Johnson subsidiary LTM Management, whose only purpose was to house the legal liabilities of the company, to proceed thinking that it was the plaintiff's best chance at receiving a fair settlement.

Johnson & Johnson has been repeatedly accused of targeting African American women and women of color throughout the world with their talcum powder marketing saying that these groups are less well-informed and likely to overlook the dangers of using talc. Civil rights talcum powder lawsuits have been filed against the company making the accusation that the company's marketing of talc they knew was carcinogenic was racially targeted. Johnson & Johnson will continue to profit from selling Johnson's Baby Powder made from talc to dark-skinned women in India and elswhere on the global market even if their controversial bankruptcy scheme is allowed to proceed. Johnson & Johnson discontinued selling its iconic brand of talcum powder in 2020 based largely on a decline in sales the company said was the result of misinformation about the safety of talc. The wellness care company continues to claim that Johnson's Baby powder is safe, pure, and asbestos-free despite the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) testing it and finding that it contained asbestos, a known carcinogen. Johnson & Johnson continues to sell Johnson's Baby Powder in North America until the existing supplies run out. They also are aggressively marketing and selling talcum powder in the EU, China, India, and elsewhere around the world.

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