Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Settles At Least Two Current Talcum Powder Cancer Claims

More than one dozen Johnson's Baby Powder cancer trials are set to begin if settlement offers are rejected

Thursday, November 16, 2023 - Johnson & Johnson has reached a settlement with two separate plaintiffs who alleged in court that asbestos in Johnson's Baby Powder caused their mesothelioma. According to an article appearing this week in Reuters, " The settlements resolved lawsuits brought by two men, Rosalino Reyes, and Marlin Eagles, who said they developed mesothelioma related to asbestos in J&J talc powder, and was part of a broader deal to settle all talc cases brought by the law firm representing them, Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood, the company said. Reyes' family continued his lawsuit after he died in 2020." The cases were the first to go to trial since a federal court judge decided that Johnson & Johnson's attempt to claim bankruptcy for a subsidiary was overturned. About 40,000 talcum powder cancer claims were put on hold but may now proceed. The amount of the settlement most likely was limited to compensatory damages as the company has been trying to avoid lottery-like punitive damage awards. In 2020, 22 women with ovarian cancer allegedly caused by using Johnson's Baby Powder on the peritoneal area of the genitals, were awarded an appeals-adjusted $2 billion. Most talcum powder cancer settlements to date have ranged from 100,000 to $500,000 per plaintiff. About 75,000 people have registered their intent to file lawsuits. Leading talcum powder cancer lawyers continue to accept new clients.

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer that primarily affects the lining of the lungs, although it can also impact the abdomen and heart. Linked to asbestos exposure, the disease typically manifests decades after initial contact. Symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, and persistent coughing. Early diagnosis is challenging due to its long latency period. Treatment options may involve surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, aiming to alleviate symptoms and extend life expectancy. Asbestos exposure prevention remains crucial, as the inhalation of asbestos fibers poses significant health risks. Raising awareness about mesothelioma is essential for early detection and effective management. Johnson & Johnson has vowed to litigate all claims that do not accept their settlement offers and claim that they have won the majority of the talcum powder cancer claims because plaintiffs have relied on faulty science The company has filed lawsuits against four scientists that are slated to be plaintiff expert witness going forward. " Our negotiations continue with the remaining firms who have a shared interest in achieving a fair and expedient resolution of their client's talc claims," J&J said in a statement. "For those firms who elect not to pursue reasoned resolutions, we will continue to aggressively litigate their claims in the tort system, where we have prevailed in the overwhelming majority of the cases tried because the claims are meritless and are based upon junk science," Reuters told readers. Johnson & Johnson established a $9 billion trust to pay all past, present, and future talcum powder cancer claims through the bankruptcy court.

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