Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Banning Talc Could Eliminate Many Instances of Ovarian Cancer

Women with ovarian cancer have reason to believe that they may have caught Johnson & Johnson redhanded in causing and covering up their ovarian cancer

Thursday, September 3, 2020 - September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, NOCA. This September is of particular importance to women with ovarian cancer as well as the loved ones of women who have died from ovarian cancer because medical science and the courts may have uncovered a source of the disease. Thousands of women are battling Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest multi-national corporations, n court for knowing and failing to warn women that their iconic cosmetic brand, Johnson' Baby Powder causes ovarian cancer. Researchers have identified asbestos, a known carcinogen, as well as other dangerous fibers in talc that may cause ovarian cancer. Particles of talc and other microscopic, hazardous fibers in talc could enter the vagina and travel up and become permanently lodged in the ovaries, creating an irritation that could lead to ovarian cancer. Twenty-two women with ovarian cancer or their estates won an appeal-adjusted $2.69 billion for their pain and suffering at the hands of Johnson & Johnson whose conduct the court branded "reprehensible." Also, the appeals court judge found that Johnson & Johnson acted with "malice of forethought" in their efforts to coverup what they knew of Johnson's Baby Powder causing ovarian cancer. "After reviewing the arguments, the judges found that J&J "discussed the presence of asbestos in their talc in internal memoranda for several decades; avoided adopting more accurate measures for detecting asbestos and influenced the industry to do the same; attempted to discredit those scientists publishing studies unfavorable to their products; and did not eliminate talc from the products and use cornstarch instead because it would be more costly to do so," the judge said according to Fierce Pharma.com.

Ovarian cancer has been in the spotlight in recent years as juries from California to New Jersey have decided in favor of women that claim that talc, the main ingredient in Johnson's Baby Powder contained fibers including asbestos that caused their cancer. Experts agree that women who use Johnsons Baby Powder on the perineal region for feminine hygiene are at risk of particles of talc and asbestos entering their reproductive system through the vagina, traveling up the Fallopian tubes, and becoming lodged in the ovaries where they could remain forever and cause inflammation leading to cancer. There are over 20,000 lawsuits that have been given the go-ahead to start in early 2021. Thousands of women suffering from ovarian cancer could file lawsuits in the future because the disease has a long latency period. Talcum powder attorneys offer a free consultation and no obligation to file a lawsuit.

Another Federal Judge determined that plaintiffs with ovarian cancer may call expert witnesses to testify that they have discovered cancer-causing asbestos in bottles of Johnson's Baby Powder taken from store shelves and also in certified unopened bottles procured from collectors over the internet.

If you or a loved one have been diagnoses with ovarian cancer or have had a loved one die from the disease you should speak with a Johnson's Baby Powder Cancer Lawyer to see if you qualify to file a claim against the company.

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No-Cost, No-Obligation Baby Powder Lawsuit Case Review for Persons or Families of Persons Who Developed Ovarian Cancer After a History of Perineal Baby Powder Use

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