Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson's Claims That Their Baby Powder is Pure and Asbestos-Free Are Untrue

Johnson & Johnson may have difficulty appealing jury verdicts against them since the US FDA has found asbestos, a known carcinogen in Johnson's Baby Powder

Friday, October 25, 2019 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the other day that they found particles of cancer-causing asbestos in samples of talc from Johnson's Baby Powder they tested. The announcement prompted Johnson & Johnson to voluntarily recall the entire batch of 33,000 bottles of Johnson's Baby Powder from which the contaminated bottle was taken. The findings of talc being contaminated with asbestos damages the credibility of Johnson & Johnson's defense that baby powder is pure and harmless enough to use on babies, the most innocent and vulnerable among us. Johnson & Johnson will no longer be able to stand by their claims such as those rendered the other day when a $110 million jury verdict against the company was overturned on administrative grounds. "The facts are clear - Johnson's Baby Powder is safe, does not contain asbestos nor does it cause cancer, as reflected in more than 40 years of scientific evidence," a mantra repeated by the Johnson & Johnson defense over and over again every time they lose a trial. Talcum powder cancer lawyers have vast experience handling pharmaceutical litigation cases and will provide legal representation for anyone involved in a talcum powder cancer lawsuit on a contingency basis.

Given the FDA's findings, it is hard to imagine the company ever again asserting their position that Johnson's Baby Powder is asbestos-free. Add to that expert's opinions, such as that of Georgia microscope researcher Dr. William Longo, and also the experts reporting for Asbestos.com that no level of asbestos is safe, and one has to ask themselves where does Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder defense go from here? If Johnson & Johnson's tests fail to find that the bottles from which the talc was taken were tampered with or were not factory sealed, the company will be forced to find a new line of defense against the 18,000 or so lawsuits that are pending against them by women who have developed ovarian cancer from the lifelong use of Johnson's Baby Powder for feminine hygiene and also by men and women who have inhaled talc dust and developed mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs or stomach.

Johnson & Johnson has lost 14 cases to date brought by plaintiffs that were suffering from ovarian cancer or mesothelioma and is appealing each one of them, mainly because the plaintiff's misrepresented Johnson's Baby Powder talc as either being carcinogenic itself or being contaminated with asbestos. Several multi-million dollar jury awards were overturned on the jurisdictional grounds that out of state plaintiffs were not entitled to bring their cases to plaintiff-friendly Missouri for trial. JNJ defense attorneys have called into question the testing methods used by the plaintiff's expert witnesses as being overly sensitive and rendering false positive readings when the FDA themselves recommended Johnson & Johnson upgrade their testing method years ago. Johnson & Johnson refused to adopt the more sensitive liquid separation method of testing and continued for the next half-century to claim that they had never found asbestos in talc to the public. Officials at Johnson & Johnson are now under criminal investigation for potentially lying about the safety of Johnson's Baby Powder to consumers.

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