Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Your Daily Deodorant Might Contain Talc Contaminated With Asbestos

A daily blast of talc-based aerosol deodorant is all that is necessary to deliver enough of a dose of asbestos to cause mesothelioma over time

Friday, October 2, 2020 - Using talc-based deodorants every day can be as deadly as using talcum powder in between showers, to finish a haircut, or to diaper a baby regularly. There are hundreds of brands of underarm deodorant and antiperspirant that blast an aerosol cloud of talc creating an inhalable cloud of sweet-smelling perfume. CheetSheet.com brought this potential public health hazard to light when writing about talc. "You might be familiar with talc from baby powder. But, did you know, some deodorants also contain talc? Some talc contains asbestiform fibers, which are a carcinogen and can lead to cancer," the authors recently wrote and I could not agree more. Underarm deodorant sprayed on the armpits causes talc, asbestos, a known carcinogen, and also other elongated fibers that are hazardous to human health directly absorbed by the skin into the body and eventually the bloodstream and also a breathable cloud of asbestos-contaminated talc to form.

In an article entitled "The Cancer-Causing Ingredients Commonly Found in Deodorant" the publication writes about the trend that has emerged in the marketplace towards deodorants that contain only natural ingredients, a trend that is already fully underway in makeup and women's cosmetics. More and more beauty products in general now highlight the phrase "Talc-Free" in big letters. The article also describes some of the other cancer-causing ingredients in deodorants, such as parabens, aluminum, phthalates, triclosan, and artificial fragrances. Of all of the reasons to stop using and avoid certain deodorants, however, inhaling talc is the most important.

Inhaling talc into the lungs has been alleged by thousands of plaintiffs suing Johnson & Johnson to have caused their mesothelioma, a rare yet fatal form of lung cancer. Juries across the country have awarded plaintiffs hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn the public of the health hazards of inhaling asbestos-contaminated talc. The FDA tested talc earlier this year and found it to contain particles of asbestos, a known carcinogen. Over 20,000 lawsuits are pending, and that number is expected to grow exponentially, alleging that using Johnson's Baby Powder caused the plaintiff to develop cancer. When inhaled, asbestos causes tiny lacerations in the smallest and most delicate lining of the lungs called alveoli. Healthy alveoli expand and contract to enable normal breathing. When the alveoli are cut, scar tissue forms over time, making them less elastic until eventually the mesothelioma victim can no longer breathe and suffocates to death. Based on what we now know to be true about talc containing asbestos, a daily shot of talc-based aerosol deodorant is guaranteed to deliver enough of a dose of asbestos to cause mesothelioma.

You can choose from several brands of talc-free deodorants such as Honeybee Gardens - Deodorant Powder, Aluminum, and Talc Free at leading online retailers like Amazon.

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