Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

New Study Show No Link Between Johnson's Baby Powder And Ovarian Cancer

A study of over 250,000 women over ten years shows no link with increasing the risk of ovarian cancer in women

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - The controversy over whether or not talc, a naturally occurring mineral and the main ingredient in Johnson's Baby Powder causes ovarian cancer or not. The pendulum has swung both ways over the last two years beginning with multi-million and then multi-billion dollar jury awards to women who were dying from or who had died from ovarian cancer allegedly caused by using Johnson's Baby Powder on their genitals daily and for decades. In one trial in 2018, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay 22 women a total of 4.7 billion dollars comprised mostly of punitive damages. Since then the tide has turned in Johnson & Johnson's favor as juries are beginning to think that endometriosis could be a more likely contributing factor in causing a woman's ovarian cancer in spite of medical experts who claim there is little chance that is true. Talcum powder cancer lawsuit attorney offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a claim.

Johnson & Johnson attorneys will now have another arrow in their defense quiver as a major study by the US Government has now been made public that claims: "No link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, finds a major study," according to major news sources. The study was an aggregation of four major studies that were conducted on a total of 250,000 women and appeared in the prestigious publication The Journal of the American Medical Association. According to the Straits Times," 252,745 women were followed for a median period of 11.2 years, and 2,168 developed ovarian cancer," indicating no statistically significant increase in the rates of ovarian cancer for those that used Johnson's Baby Powder over those that did not. Previous studies including the one that originally unleashed the current flood of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson concluded that a women had a 33% higher probability of developing ovarian cancer from using Johnson's Baby Powder and that the biopsied ovarian tissues of 22 out of 22 women who had died from the disease had found particle of talc embedded in their inflamed and diseased tissues. The new study will no doubt be included in the defense when arguing that Johnson's Baby Powder is pure and safe to use. The study was praised by Professor Kevin McConway, an emeritus professor of applied statistics at Britain's Open University, who called it "a good, competent, careful study," according to The Straits Times. The professor also added that the study failed to rule out a link between talc and ovarian cancer but added that such a risk was nothing for a woman to worry about.

The study could help shift attention away from the women who are suffering from ovarian cancer and put the spotlight on men and women that have developed mesothelioma of the stomach and lungs, allegedly from using and inhaling the dust from Johnson's Baby Powder contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogenic. There are currently over 14,000 lawsuits pending against the company, most of which are of the ovarian cancer variety. The 2018 $4.7 million jury award is currently under appeal.

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